Provider Membership

POSS Provider Memberships support a better experience for providers and their patients. If you're interested in joining POSS as a provider, please email us here.

Members can expect:

  • Independent Community Practice Support

    We provide a way for independent community practices to collaborate and thrive in today’s health care market, including providing network vendor discounts.  
  • Independent Practice Advocacy

    We provide independent community practices with a way to come together in support of the community independent practice care model.
  • Continuous Education

    We facilitate the sharing of best practices by community members, continually educating and challenging each other for improved standards of care. 
  • Communications

    POSS cuts through health care business and regulatory information, synthesizing what we learn to help practices focus on providing high-quality, excellent patient experiences.  
  • Data and Analytics

     We work with providers to better understand their practice-patient total medical cost, their care quality, and their patient experience—continually evaluating areas for improvement.